The next cash mob is ON!

Here’s the rules for CASHMOB!

1. wear an item of RED clothing or an accessory – this is something new that we’re trialling, it will help with the visual side of the mob. We’ll look like a cohesive group as we meet up and then proceed to the shop we’re mobbing!

2. meet at Cafe El Beso 87 View st Bendigo at 9.45am on Saturday the 13th of April 2013 and get yourself a coffee/beverage. Part of the Cash Mob principle is to support multiple locally owned/operated businesses during a mob, this is why we always meet before or celebrate afterwards at a locally run cafe/restaurant/bar/pub.

3. We will announce which shop we are mobbing over coffee and proceed to the store as a mob.

4. Once in the store you pledge to spend a minimum of $20 at the store, one of our members will present the business owner with a letter informing them that they’ve just been CASHMOBBED

5. Share cash mobbing with your friends and ENJOY!

The next cash mob is ON!

Saturday Feb 23rd at Bendigo Ice Creamery!

Remember the rules for cash mob:

1. Wear something RED!

2. Meet at Bendigo Ice Creamery, grab a beverage and await further instruction, use this time to get to chat to someone you don’t know!

3. When we announce the store we are mobbing proceed to the store as a group

4. Once at the store you pledge to spend a minimum of $20

5. Share cash mobbing with your friends and HAVE FUN!

One of the key reasons for picking Bob Boutique is because the owner Sonia has been battling for her health recently. Gail is her mother and is assisting to hold down the fort while Sonia focuses on getting better.

Here’s the wonderful Gail, thanking the recent mobbers who attended the Bob Boutique cash mob over the weekend

Dear Cash Mobbers,

What a beautiful thing to do. Your Cashmob of Bob Boutique yesterday, came at an important time in Sonia’s cancer treatment and gave her such a lift when I told her about all the lovely custormers all coming in and purchasing. She was very emotional about it and just so full of thanks for your group. In an otherwise traditionally slow weekend, it was a bright and sparkling half hour when you all arrived. You were all so patient and so nice and I did my best to attend to everyone as quickly as possible, but trying to make it individually as personal as I could in the rush. Thank you all for being understanding and not asking for gift wrapping too – that made the process quicker for everyone – thank you.

So……..beautiful people, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have no idea what a boost this has been for Sonia and for me too. Being Sonia’s mother is such a pleasure as she is a beautiful soul, so kind and generous and oh so talented. Lauren (who is at Bob Mon-Thurs) and I are keeping things as vibrant as we can during this very difficult time and we hope that Sonia will be back in her unique and inspiring shop at some time in 2013.

Best wishes to you all for a lovely Christmas and I hope that the tinsel fairy sprinkles you all with good will, joy and laughter for many years to come.

THIS is why we mob!

Now that we have successfully mobbed our second set of stores we’d like to share with you the details of our second cash mob in Bendigo.

We congregated at 10.45 at local gelato superstars Favourite Flavours, with some of our younger mobbers taking full advantage of their delicious range! It was lovely to see some new faces joining in the mob this time around, welcome to the fold you wonderful humans!

Once we’d all arrived at Flavours Cash Mob organiser Ivy announced that we would be mobbing our local store Bobs Boutique, she explained that unfortunately the owner, Sonia, has been unwell recently and thought that mobbing the store would be a wonderful way to show community support for her and her loved ones during this trying time.

We had a few more mobbers among us this time, a count of 12 participants – we are growing and it is exciting!

See below for the letter we delivered to Bobs Boutique once we arrived.


Dear Sonia and co,

You’ve been chosen as our second local business to cash mob because many of us are long time fans and wanted to show our community support in a very real way after hearing about your recent health troubles.

Bendigo Cash Mob has been set up by a handful of locals after hearing about the cash mob concept, a kind of grassroots economic stimulus. Likeminded groups are popping up all over the world and we decided this is something that Bendigo needs!

The basic concept is similar to a flash mob – a group meet at a predetermined time and place to fulfill an activity and then disperse. In the cash mob instance the group meets at a locally owned cafe,purchase a beverage and wait to be told which store they will be mobbing. Each member agrees to spend a minimum of $20 at the nominated store during the cash mob. The idea is that $20 isn’t a huge investment for each individual, the influx of cash can mean the world of difference to an independent business. The benefits of supporting local industry are far reaching, bolstering the local economy and has the potential to create jobs and improve connections within the community.

If you’d like to know more, we blog at, you can also find us on twitter @cmbendigo, like us on facebook or email us at

We sure hope this cash mob brightens your day and that your path to wellness is fast and full of love. We’re not just cash mobbing your store because you’ve been unwell, we think that your store is a fantastic addition to Bendigo!

Thank you for all that you do,

Cash Mob Bendigo

It’s on again!

When: Sunday 18th of November @ 10.45am

Where: favourite flavours, 37 Mitchell st Bendigo

Mob Rules:

1. Wear something red, this will make us look like a cohesive group when we meet and the proceed to the store we will be mobbing!

2. Meet at Favourite Flavours, 37 Mitchell st, Bendigo. Grab a coffee/beverage (or some of their amazing gelato!) and await further instructions. The principle behind meeting at a hospitality venue is that we are supporting not one but TWO local businesses and gives the group a chance to mingle and meet new people (see rule 3).

3. Chat to 3 people you don’t know – strengthening ties within the community is another core value of Bendigo Cash Mob.

4. Once we have gathered at Favourite Flavours we will announce which shop we will be mobbing. This adds a sense of adventure and excitement to the mob!

5. Once we arrive at the store we each pledge to spend a minimum of $20 during the mob. Please be aware that as the mob grows we may have to exercise patience and understanding as we may be too big a group to shop all at once – use this time to fulfil rule 3!

6. Share cash mobbing with your friends and HAVE FUN!!

Cultural Cash Mobbing – love the idea!

Cash Mobs

We just had our first Cultural Cash Mob here in Cleveland.  Basically, the idea was that we would Cash Mob a performance – in this case a comedy show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights.  A few media outlets contacted me beforehand to see if they could cover it; I told them not to expect much, as it was an experimental Cash Mob and we didn’t know what the turnout would be. The Facebook RSVP count was 23 when I left work, and I expected half of those people to show up (it’s the nature of the beast).

In the end, we had 27 people attend, for a total evening take of $540.  Some money went to the performers, some to the venue.  All in all, we doubled the size of the crowd (which is ridiculous, as they have some really amazing comedians come through town).

What went well:

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This would be a conservative additional $10 million dollars back into Bendigo – Shop local people!!

Cash Mobs

Want to know what kind of impact a citywide Cash Mob could have?  Maureen Kyle of WKYC here in Cleveland sent me this calculator.  Check it out, and follow her amazingness on Twitter!

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