One of the key reasons for picking Bob Boutique is because the owner Sonia has been battling for her health recently. Gail is her mother and is assisting to hold down the fort while Sonia focuses on getting better.

Here’s the wonderful Gail, thanking the recent mobbers who attended the Bob Boutique cash mob over the weekend

Dear Cash Mobbers,

What a beautiful thing to do. Your Cashmob of Bob Boutique yesterday, came at an important time in Sonia’s cancer treatment and gave her such a lift when I told her about all the lovely custormers all coming in and purchasing. She was very emotional about it and just so full of thanks for your group. In an otherwise traditionally slow weekend, it was a bright and sparkling half hour when you all arrived. You were all so patient and so nice and I did my best to attend to everyone as quickly as possible, but trying to make it individually as personal as I could in the rush. Thank you all for being understanding and not asking for gift wrapping too – that made the process quicker for everyone – thank you.

So……..beautiful people, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have no idea what a boost this has been for Sonia and for me too. Being Sonia’s mother is such a pleasure as she is a beautiful soul, so kind and generous and oh so talented. Lauren (who is at Bob Mon-Thurs) and I are keeping things as vibrant as we can during this very difficult time and we hope that Sonia will be back in her unique and inspiring shop at some time in 2013.

Best wishes to you all for a lovely Christmas and I hope that the tinsel fairy sprinkles you all with good will, joy and laughter for many years to come.

THIS is why we mob!