Another really good reason to mob!

Cash Mobs

I’ve had extensive conversations with Sankalp Gosain about why I think Cash Mobs and, by extension, shopping local, is important right now for our economies.  Basically, it comes down to support for local economies and local businesses as engines of wealth-creation in our communities.

I’ll start with three basic, and I think non-controversial, propositions:

  1. The wealth of a community is the sum of the wealth of the individuals within that community.  A community with wealthy individuals will itself be wealthy; a community with poor individuals will be poor;
  2. Wealth can be measured in a variety of ways (including family strength, health, etc.), but the most measureable and comparable way is in terms of dollars; and
  3. When we spend money within our communities, more of that money stays in our communities than when we spend it outside of our communities, or with people or businesses that are based outside of our…

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