It’s on again!

When: Sunday 18th of November @ 10.45am

Where: favourite flavours, 37 Mitchell st Bendigo

Mob Rules:

1. Wear something red, this will make us look like a cohesive group when we meet and the proceed to the store we will be mobbing!

2. Meet at Favourite Flavours, 37 Mitchell st, Bendigo. Grab a coffee/beverage (or some of their amazing gelato!) and await further instructions. The principle behind meeting at a hospitality venue is that we are supporting not one but TWO local businesses and gives the group a chance to mingle and meet new people (see rule 3).

3. Chat to 3 people you don’t know – strengthening ties within the community is another core value of Bendigo Cash Mob.

4. Once we have gathered at Favourite Flavours we will announce which shop we will be mobbing. This adds a sense of adventure and excitement to the mob!

5. Once we arrive at the store we each pledge to spend a minimum of $20 during the mob. Please be aware that as the mob grows we may have to exercise patience and understanding as we may be too big a group to shop all at once – use this time to fulfil rule 3!

6. Share cash mobbing with your friends and HAVE FUN!!