Cultural Cash Mobbing – love the idea!

Cash Mobs

We just had our first Cultural Cash Mob here in Cleveland.  Basically, the idea was that we would Cash Mob a performance – in this case a comedy show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights.  A few media outlets contacted me beforehand to see if they could cover it; I told them not to expect much, as it was an experimental Cash Mob and we didn’t know what the turnout would be. The Facebook RSVP count was 23 when I left work, and I expected half of those people to show up (it’s the nature of the beast).

In the end, we had 27 people attend, for a total evening take of $540.  Some money went to the performers, some to the venue.  All in all, we doubled the size of the crowd (which is ridiculous, as they have some really amazing comedians come through town).

What went well:

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