Can’t agree with this more after our first mob – we have 9 facebook likes and only set up ‘shop’ a week ago. We had 9 mobbers, representing 11 (2 couldn’t attend and asked for purchases to be made in their absence), I don’t think we could grow our cash mob without ‘putting our money where our mouth is’ and just STARTING!

Cash Mobs

I keep getting messages from people who say they are starting a Cash Mob, but that they are waiting for something to happen that will prove that they have traction – they want 100 followers on Twitter, or 100 Likes on Facebook, and then they’ll think about organizing a mob.

It’s been said before that you can’t wait for conditions to be favorable if you want to change.  It is usually said about an abstract and uncertain thing like changing the world, or having a kid.  Well, maybe having a kid isn’t abstract, but you get what I’m saying – it’s usually not really clear what the speaker is talking about, but they say something like, “if you’re going to change the world, start it today!”  Then they don’t tell you how to start.

Cash Mobs aren’t abstract.  If you’re going to use a Cash Mob to help local businesses…

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