After hearing about the cash mob concept, a kind of grassroots economic stimulus, that’s happening all over the world we decided this is something that Bendigo needs!

The basic concept is similar to a flash mob – a group meet at a predetermined time and place to fulfil an activity and then disperse. In the cash mob instance the group meets at a locally owned cafe,purchase a beverage and wait to be told which store they will be mobbing. Each member agrees to spend a minimum of $20 at the nominated store during the cash mob.

The idea is that $20 isn’t a huge investment for each individual, the influx of cash can mean the world of difference to an independent business. The benefits of supporting local industry are far reaching, bolstering the local economy and has the potential to create jobs and improve connections within the community.

If you’d like to get involved follow us on twitter @cmbendigo or email us at cmbendigo (at) gmail (dot) com.