The next cash mob is ON!

Here’s the rules for CASHMOB!

1. wear an item of RED clothing or an accessory – this is something new that we’re trialling, it will help with the visual side of the mob. We’ll look like a cohesive group as we meet up and then proceed to the shop we’re mobbing!

2. meet at Cafe El Beso 87 View st Bendigo at 9.45am on Saturday the 13th of April 2013 and get yourself a coffee/beverage. Part of the Cash Mob principle is to support multiple locally owned/operated businesses during a mob, this is why we always meet before or celebrate afterwards at a locally run cafe/restaurant/bar/pub.

3. We will announce which shop we are mobbing over coffee and proceed to the store as a mob.

4. Once in the store you pledge to spend a minimum of $20 at the store, one of our members will present the business owner with a letter informing them that they’ve just been CASHMOBBED

5. Share cash mobbing with your friends and ENJOY!