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Cash Mobs

Our original idea of how to run a Cash Mob was pretty basic.  One of the things about Cash Mobs, though, is that we have also made it easy for people to create variations and innovations on how they operate.  Here are a few; we invite other ideas in the comments!

  • Do one at a grocery store or farmers market, and let everyone know ahead of time so that they wait to buy their groceries together.
  • Have a Cash Mob over a window of time, rather than having everyone meet at the same time (particularly good for restaurants).
  • Have a Cash Mob at lunch in a restaurant, and warn the restaurant ahead of time.  Make sure that the mobbers know ahead of time, too, so they don’t bring their lunches!
  • Focus on an activity – for example, bowling, miniature golf, batting cages, go kart racing, etc.  Scramble people up so…

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