Here’s an interesting one about WHY cash mobs generally don’t share where they’re going to mob

Cash Mobs

One of the biggest debates that we had when planning our first cash mob was whether to tell people WHICH business we were going to hit, and when.  The rules said that we would announce it a few hours before the mob, but then we started having some serious discussions about it.  We finally decided not to announce the business until we went.

The reasoning was simple: if we had told people we were going to Visible Voice books, then they would have been able to do a cost-benefit analysis of whether they wanted to go or not.  It would have involved deciding if they wanted a book, if they wanted to give someone a book, etc.  Why would that be bad?  Well, we figured that some people would decide not to go because they didn’t want a book, and some people would decide not to go because it was…

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